What To Expect From Your Italian Wedding Meal

How could I miss a food blog post? By now you have probably gathered I am a massive foodie, and quite obsessed with quality, organic produce! I could talk for months about Italian food, and how much of it is still traditionally farmed and cooked inspite of the modern, commercial farming methods that have been adopted throughout much of Europe. Italy remains a country of agriculture, farmers, organic produce where recipes passed from generation to generation. Our food culture is our heritage to protect, and my mission is to share it with my lovely couples! So, here’s what to expect from your wedding breakfast:

The food experience for anyone who gets married in Italy begins the moment you arrive – if you and your wedding party are staying at the same venue the night before, then you can expect a rich welcome party: it might be a pool-side barbeque made of organic meats, cheeses and breads from the area, or a pizza/pasta party! Salivating yet?

On your wedding day the food marathon will start after your ceremony, typically with a standing ‘antipasti’ reception: this consists of a series of starter ‘stations’ scattered all over the place. You will find cold meats, bruschetta, fried vegetables, crostini, cheese, and much more! 

Following the starter reception the guests will typically be invited to their tables, for their 2 or 3-course meal: usually one or two pasta dishes (these reflect the produce of the area, so for example if you are in Tuscany you may well have wild boar pappardelle, or if you are near Rome you can indulge in some bucatini all’Amatriciana!), and a ‘secondo piatto’ (second dish) consisting of meat or fish with vegetables (again this will change based on your location and your choices).

At this point you’d better have some space left for dessert because Italians like to splurge on an array of desserts, served as a buffet at the end of the dinner! Some examples of beautiful Italian desserts: Tiramisu’, Cassata Siciliana, Rum Baba’, Fruit tarts, Mimosa, Millefoglie, and many more!!

All this accompanied by the tastiest Proseccos and wines from the area.

Just two words of advice: Pace yourself!