Talentina Wedding Planner in Puglia

You can now book a one-to-one Zoom call with Carolina to go over anything regarding your Italian wedding.

These are one-hour totally bespoke Zoom calls, and they are designed to clear your head and put things in order when you feel you just need that little bit of support with your planning.

If you have already done the bulk of the work and need advice on how to put it all together, during the call Carolina will review your timeline, suppliers, contracts if needed, give you advice on how the day is going to run, and anything else you’d like to know or need support with. This is your chance to really pin down the finer details.

If you have only just started the planning process, Carolina will be there to set it up from the start:

What the next steps are, what needs to be done when, which suppliers to contact first, how to communicate with Italian businesses and venues, supplier recommendations, and generally point you in the right direction and give you all the instruments to plan your wedding without a wedding planner!

Talentina Wedding Planner in Puglia
Talentina Wedding Planner in Puglia

One-to-one consultations are a powerful tool that enables you to come face to face with an expert in the field and erase any doubt you are facing.

Consultations don’t have to be a one-off. You can schedule as many as you like throughout your planning process. We will be there to support you!

Investment: £160 for the first call, £70 for follow ups.