Questions To Ask A Potential Italian Wedding Planner

I believe in following your instincts, including when choosing a wedding planner. They will have to match with your personalities, share your values, and believe in your vision! I will give you an example: if you are a couple who has a limited budget, maybe you don’t like traditional weddings, and you would like something a bit outside the box, maybe it isn’t the best idea to hire a luxury wedding planner!

Please remember YOU are the main characters in this story, and your planner is working for YOU! So find a planner who LISTENS to you, and who you CONNECT with!

I believe that you will know when you have found ‘the one’ (a bit like a wedding dress!). Having said that, it is essential that you go to a potential wedding planner interview prepared. I have listed a series of good questions you can ask a wedding planner during a first meeting/ interview:

  • Are you available on our chosen wedding date?
  • What type of weddings do you like to work on? (discover what type of planner they are; luxury, budget, alternative, boho, country etc. to make sure you share the same vision)
  • What services do you offer? ( the complete package, bespoke service, on-the-day coordination etc.)
  • What exactly is included in your wedding packages? (how many meetings, phone calls, etc. this is very important as your idea of ‘complete’ service can be very different from someone else’s!)
  • Do you only book your recommended vendors, or do we have the freedom to choose someone else if we like them?
  • How many weddings will you be working at the same time? (You don’t want to hire someone who has too much on their plate at the same time! A good wedding planner will make sure you feel completely secure and relaxed on your run-up-to and on your wedding day).
  • Do you provide wedding day coordination? If so, what does that include? (Sometimes all you need is a hand coordinating your big day: if so, make sure you understand what exactly they plan to do to make sure the most important day of your life goes smoothly! Will they provide you, guests and vendors with a timeline sheet to make sure everything runs on time? Will they take care of paying your vendors? Make sure you get into as much detail as you can think of!)
  • Will you provide us with a contract (the answer should be YES!)
  • Will you invoice us for everything, or do we pay vendors directly? (Usually, I advise my clients to pay vendors directly. This way it is easier to see where your budget is going)
  • Are you a wedding planner or a planner and designer as well? (is she/he going to take care of logistics only, or also help with the overall design and vision?)
  • How do you charge for your services? (percentage, hourly, or flat rate?)
  • Will there be additional expenses on top of your rate? (Find out if things like travel, accommodation and anything extra are included in their fee or not – and if not, are they going to be invoiced separately?)
  • Do you accept commissions from your vendors?
  • How much deposit is required, and when is the last payment due?
  • What is your policy for cancellations?

Happy interview!!