Do I really need a wedding planner?

This is something I get asked a lot, (and I will try my best not to be biased here!): The truth is, it depends on you as a couple. Some people thrive on organising and are overjoyed to be planning their own wedding: others may have an overall idea of what they want, but would like a helping hand with the details.

Wedding planning can be intense, and – let’s be honest – it isn’t always fun or easy for the bridal couple the whole way through. I am open and flexible in my approach, and will be led by you as to how much involvement you would like from me. Whatever you choose, my aim is to give you the freedom to really ENJOY the whole process of planning your wedding, without having every decision weighing on your shoulders in the run-up to, and during, your incredible day. I also offer my services up to and including the day of your wedding, so that the only nerves you will be feeling are the excited kind for the monumental step you are about to take as a couple! If I am there you won’t need to worry about the light fading before you’ve had your dream photos, the speeches taking twice as long as planned, or, even worse, a vendor being late  – this is where I will quietly and efficiently step in to get things back on track, often without you even realising there has been anything to worry about!

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Why would a destination wedding planner be necessary?

Consider all the usual purchases, details, negotiations and information needed to plan a wedding – then multiply them by a language barrier, a different culture and foreign currency! All of the planning and tasks you need to do are amplified when organising a destination wedding. I can’t emphasise enough how much of a relief it will be to have someone born and raised in Italy to speak to your vendors, to negotiate for you, and to take care of the bureaucracy.

A great wedding planner will become your best friend, personal assistant, travel agent and more. They will take care of the somewhat less glamorous elements of your plans, whilst you decide how much or how little you would like to organise yourself. They will guide you when you are insecure, and they will ALWAYS be on your side.

Why should I get married in Italy?

In my opinion there are three main reasons to choose to have your special day in Italy:

- Gorgeous Weather

- Delicious Food

- Value for money

Let’s not kid ourselves: the weather is one of the biggest factors people consider when choosing a wedding abroad, and with a Mediterranean location like Italy you can be (almost) certain it’s going to be glorious! What is better than having your wedding on a sunny summer day in the countryside, with olive groves in the distance and the smell of freshly picked wild flowers?! Maybe the addition of a succulent fresh tomato and basil tagliatelle… Which brings me nicely on to the food. I am a proud Italian, and this means I do firmly believe Italian food is the best in the world. Not only you will have the freshest, tastiest wedding meal you have ever had, but the service will be impeccable because that’s what we do best. The whole point is that Italian people have food in their blood: they just want you to eat and have a good time, and that is what you will have: A fun, tasty, beautiful time! And you will have that for 20% less than it would cost you for an equivalent wedding in the UK. Weddings in Italy are simply cheaper than England, and what you do pay for will end up being extremely good value for money!

Can you legally get married in Italy?

You certainly can. The three options when getting married in Italy are:

- Religious Ceremony

- Civil Ceremony

- Symbolic Ceremony

Many Italians get married in Catholic churches, which is also possible for foreign couples if you are both Catholic. If you are of a different religion but still would like to have a religious ceremony, it is possible – however, you are likely to need a civil ceremony elsewhere first.

You can also get legally married with a civil ceremony in a Town Hall. Traditionally Italian couples go to the Town Hall in the morning, then the whole party travel to the chosen location for the wedding breakfast. There are also a few selected wedding venues in Italy that are licensed to hold a civil ceremony, so it is a possibility if this is very important to you.

Many foreign couples choose a Symbolic Ceremony. That means they will get legally married in a civil ceremony in the UK, and then hold a non-binding ceremony in Italy. This is a good choice if you want to have the ceremony in the same place as your wedding breakfast and party afterwards. You will also be able to personalise the ceremony and tailor it to your needs.

How do I budget for a wedding in Italy?

Knowing how to manage your budget for a destination wedding can be a daunting prospect, this is why it is advisable to engage the services of a wedding planner to help take this pressure away -  however, it is helpful to know where you stand before you start the process: Click here for tips on budgeting!