Italian Wedding Planner

Italian Wedding Planner

Welcome to my new website! I just thought I would introduce myself again, at the beginning of what it’s for me a brand-new start: my name is Carolina, I am an Italian wedding planner based in Cambridgeshire, UK. I work with couple from the UK and all over the world helping them in planning their dream Italian wedding without any of the stress!


For those who don’t know me, I am a massive foodie: I love to eat and cook, and I try to live as sustainable as I can with my lovely vegetable garden and six chickens.

I LOVE people, and I don’t think there is anything better than sitting around a table eating al fresco, with a massive bowl of pasta and a good glass of wine, with the people you love! This is why I have started Your Italian Wedding Planner: to showcase the best Italy has to offer: the weather, the food, the wine and the people. I am not your usual Instagram wedding planner. I firmly believe that less is more, and that with a laid back approach you will achieve the wedding of your dreams, perfect for all the right reasons, and without any unnecessary stress!

My goal is to make sure you experience Italy in its authentic form, to make you feel like you are at home even when you are so far away from home, and ultimately to make sure your wedding planning process is a period you will enjoy, and not dread!

In my vegetable garden

So, about two months ago I decided to take the leap and start a process of complete rebranding and website updating. Having grown so much as a person and as a business in the last year, I felt like I needed to create that strong bond between me and my ideal clients, and in order to  do that I would need to have a brand that first of all screams exactly who I am and what Your Italian Wedding Planner is, so I am able to transmit that sense of security and trust to my couples that is so needed at the moment.

Helping me with this task were the incredibly creative Steph from Upsurge Studio, who after an exceptionally long meeting (I am sorry Steph!) was able to create a cohesive brand that reflected EXACTLY who I am, and the super helpful Hannah and Toby from Bonny and Clyde Design Studio, who took this brand and translated it into the most beautiful, sleek and easy website, making this process the easiest thing I’ve ever done!


So, what’s news?? Well, honestly, A LOT. Here are a few of the new services and fun things you can find on this website:

  1. UK Wedding Planning: after many of you asking if I would extend my services to the UK, the time has finally come! Click here for details on all the services that I offer as a wedding planner in the UK!
  2. Elopement in Italy: I have to be honest, I am SO excited about this! Two different all-inclusive packages for couples who just want to completely take away all the stress of planning! The packages include pretty much EVERYTHING involving your wedding, and they are in the two most stunning places of Italy: Tuscany and Amalfi coast. These packages are valid for 2 or 4 people only. Have a look here!
  3. One FANTASTIC new feature of the website is that now you don’t even have to fill in a form to contact me, or schedule a full consultation… My new 15 minute call-back option gives you the chance of scheduling a meeting with me DIRECTLY, with a calendar app that will tell you my available times! Just input your preferred date and time and I will call you back!! How cool is that? Have a look!

Finally, here is the link for my new baby, feel free to roam around!

Writing this on the day where England goes out of total lockdown seems highly appropriate, so here’s to brighter days and a fantastic new start!!


Carolina x