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Welcome to Your Italian Wedding Planner

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site. Born in Rome, I now live on a small holding in Cambridegshire from where I offer all my happy couples a wide variety of wedding packages to suit every style and budget.

The ethos behind the business is to use only ecologically responsible venues and to ensure that local farmers and producers benefit from each big day by providing organic foods and locally produced wines!

The preservation of both the beautiful Italian landscape and local customs and farming techniques will ensure that many future generations can enjoy the complete experience that is an Italian wedding.


Our most popular choice : an enjoyable, stress-free way of approaching your whole wedding planning process

If you have been on the ball with all your wedding planning but want to make sure you really enjoy your big day, without any stress, this might be the service for you

This is for anyone who needs help with a specific part of the planning. These services are to be quoted based on the needs

Everyone knows the fun isn't just on your wedding day - especially in Italy! Discover all the 'extra-wedding' activities we offer planning for!

What a wonderful service my Italian wedding planner has provided. From day one Carolina was available to talk through all our issues and concerns and the wedding itself ran like clockwork. It’s almost worth getting married again just to relive the experience!
Fede & Luigi
We are a few months into our Italian wedding planning and Carolina has already been worth her weight in gold! Even though our venue contacts and vendors all speak excellent English, we have really seen the benefit of having Carolina available to ask our questions with exactly the nuances we need - there is no risk of miscommunication. She responds very quickly to any contact and is never too busy to talk things through. I have to say I have every confidence in Carolina and find her an invaluable source of knowledge and reassurance!
Dan and Fiona


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